Warner Bros. video has just released 5 made-for-TV movies(Flood, Fire, Hanging By a Thread, The Night the Bridge Fell Down, Cave-In) from the Master of Disaster Irwin Allen. As a lover of this genre, I can’t wait to purchase the box set. Click here for more info.

Of course my favorite is Flood with a soggy Carol Lynley as a pregnant woman who gets trapped in her house when the town’s dam bursts. If she was able to survive the capsizing of the SS Poseidon, a flooded home should be no problem for her but yet again she needs rescuing this time from Martin Milner and Barbara Hershey. Plus Francine York in a change of pace role playing sweet rather than bitchy who helps the injured and Teresa Wright in the Shelley Winters role but “under the water she is NOT a very skinny lady” and is washed away. What more can you ask from a disaster movie? Below is clip from the film’s beginning.



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