On Sunday night March 14, TCM is doing a Tina Louise tribute. First up at 8PM is Tina in her Golden Globe award winning movie debut as sexy farm nymph Griselda in God’s Little Acre (1958) from the novel by Erskine Caldwell. This is followed by the Beach Party knockoff For Those Who Think Young (1964) starring James Darren and Pamela Tiffin standing in for Frankie and Annette with Tina as a sexy singing stripper who also moonlights as a math tutor.

When I asked Pamela about Tina, she exclaimed (in Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema), “Tina Louise was one of the most beautiful females I’ve ever seen in my life. Her beauty was unearthly and just a miracle of nature.”

For Those Who Think Young‘s director Leslie H. Martinson remarked (in Hollywood Surf and Beach Movies), “Strangely enough, I have a wonderful relationship with Tina Louise. Tina had her own way of working and was very smart but she could be considered a bit difficult at times. She had her own ideas but somehow we were on the same beat.”



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