Click here to access cult 60s actress Mimsy Farmer’s new web site showcasing her art work and watch YouTube clip at bottom as she trips out on acid in Riot on Sunset Strip (1967).

This fragile-looking blonde began her career as the ingenue on television and on the big screen in Spencer’s Mountain (1963) and Bus Riley’s Back in Town (1965). She found more success playing a string of bad girls and misunderstood youths in such exploitation film classics as Hot Rods to Hell (1967), Devil’s Angels (1967), and The Wild Racers (1968). Farmer reached her pinnacle with More (1969), her first foreign film, which warned of the excesses of the counterculture as she played an American hippie who draws an innocent German (Klaus Grunberg) into the world of heroin and LSD on an island off of Spain.

She later relocated to Italy and worked steadily until the late eighties. She appeared in Dario Argento’s Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971), among many other European horror films.



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