Drive-in Dream Girl Nancy Czar, a former champion figure skater, was a platinum blond beauty (and dead ringer for actress Carroll Baker) who graced a few drive-in movies during the ‘60s. She played a dancer in love with guitar-playing hipster Arch Hall, Jr. in the exploitation cheapie Wild Guitar (1962); a bikini-clad bathing beauty ogled afar by Gary Crosby in Girl Happy (1965); most memorably a bubble-headed sexpot nicknamed Jonesy who joins William Wellman, Jr., James Stacy, Beverly Adams, Julie Parrish, and Linda Rogers to make a ski resort swing in Winter a-Go-Go (1965); and a backstage groupie who kisses Elvis in Spinout (1966).

After playing a coed in obscure youth flick The Wild Scene (1970) Czar disappeared from Hollywood without a trace. Click here to discover what became of the former starlet.



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