Click here to read an interesting article and to see photos of the 5 contenders up for the role of suave Agent 007 in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) after Sean Connery walked away from the popular film series. Of the actors pictured, I prefer my Bond stirred with John Richardson in the role though fans know George Lazenby ultimately got the part.


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    Thanks for posting this – I had no idea that article was out there. Richardson was good in his Hammer films, esp. "She" but I think Lazenby had a bit more personality and was a better action star (although I'm an Aussie so I'm biased).

    NB I watched a special edition DVD of OHMSS where Peter Hunt still stands by the selection of Lazenby saying he was "the best of the actors we looked act" – although based on the pictures of Life it seems they looked at models rather than actors. Why didn't they try auditioning some proper actors as well?

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