In 1975, two of my favorite actresses, Carol Lynley and Anjanette Comer, co-starred together in an exciting TV-movie white water river rafting adventure called Death Stalk, a sort of Deliverance rip-off.

A bunch of escaped convicts led by virile Vic Morrow stumble upon vacationing rafters Vince Edwards and his wife Comer and his boozy boss Robert Webber with his much younger wife Lynley while camped. The cons steal their canoes and wives and make run for it down river. Sounds typical, and it is, but there is a twist as supposedly happily married Comer falls for Morrow while spoiled trophy wife Lynley fights off her abductors to get back to her husband.

Death Stalk was suppose to originally air around Thanksgiving 1974 but NBC pulled the plug on it because it deemed it too adult for the holiday season (there is a scene of an attempted rape of Lynley by Neville Brand) and moved it to a January 1975 broadcast.



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