Another rare screening this week but this time at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City. Cult director William Lustig is the guest curator for a tribute to ’70s Grindhouse movies.

One of the films he has chosen to screen tomorrow August 8 at 9:30PM is Welcome Home, Soldier Boys (1972) a drive-in trash exploitation film starring Joe Don Baker, Alan Vint, Paul Koslo and Elliot Street as four angry Vietnam vets who decide to travel cross country. When they run out of money, they rob a small town gas station setting up a violent confrontation with the townspeople. Fantasy Femme Francine York played an unhappy wife of a rich Texan who sneaks off to have an encounter with vet Baker at the town’s motel.

Unfortunately Francine does not have any good memories of making this movie and frankly admits, “This was not a happy experience. Most of the cast and crew were doing drugs so I would lock my door and stay in my room at the hotel. In one of the scenes, I nearly got killed when Baker and I had to plop backward into the motel’s pool after making love. We should have had stand-ins. I had a great part as originally written. But the way they edited the film I looked like just one of the hookers because they cut out all my scenes with my husband. I was so furious that I walked out of the screening.” I guess that means Francine York won’t be in attendance at this showing.



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