In 1965, two film biographies about legendary thirties sex goddess Jean Harlow both titled Harlow premiered within weeks of each other. The lavish bigger budgeted Harlow from Paramount starring Carroll Baker was a staple on TV for years and was released on home video.

The quickie Electronovision version starring Carol Lynley sporadically showed up on the Late, Late Show during the 70s and then disappeared but recently turned up on bootleg DVD.

Both Harlows were ravished by the critics as were the two actresses. However, 40 years later they are undiscovered camp gems and Baker and Lynley both give over-the-top performances. See the clip from the Lynley version and a tribute to Baker as Harlow below:


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  • Paul Green

    Jean Harlow had class – but it wasn't a glossy class – more a streetwise class. Neither Baker or Harlow possess this quality. They both lack the rough edge that made Harlow sexy but dangerous. I guess camp is another word for bad with a sense of style.
    Hollywood always glamourizes its tragic stars by either turning them into caricatures or goddesses.
    That's why I always prefer a documentary to a trivialized biopic. Why look at an actress pretending to be Jean Harlow when you can watch the genuine article?

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