Speaking of Charlie’s Angels, I interviewed two who had Charlie’s Angels stories. Francine York starred in The Doll Squad (1973) directed by Ted V. Mikels who until this day claims Aaron Spelling ripped off his idea. In fact, York’s character was named Sabrina. Per Francine in Film Fatales, “Ted went to the producers with the premise. They even asked me to audition for Charlie’s Angels and I would have been perfect for it. Charlie Grauman made a pass at me, I turned him down, and that was the end of that!”

Former Playboy Playmate Anne Randall was just coming off a hit drive-in B-movie called Stacy where she played a sexy private eye. She remarked in Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood, “I wasn’t real thrilled with Stacey. It was silly and I looked real stupid in it. After the movie, I got an audition for Charlie’s Angels because of the description of Stacey—I don’t think they actually saw the movie. I went in for the audition and read the scene and saw that it was me wrestling an alligator. I got up and left without auditioning. I thought, ‘I am not going to wrestle an alligator!’ I think they picked the right girls and don’t think I would have gotten it anyway



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