Carol Lynley’s last acting role to date was about three years ago in a short film entitled Vic directed by Sage Stallone, son of Sylvester. In it, she plays a cool, icy casting director for an upcoming big budget motion picture. Clu Gulager, who worked with Carol back in 1962 on an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (pictured), stars and gives a heartbreaking performance as a washed up actor whom the film’s young director is a huge fan. He gives him an opportunity to audition for a major role but Vic’s insecurities and circumstances doom his chances.

Vic is a homage to all those 60s/70s TV guest star character actors whose names most people can’t identify but whose faces are so familiar. Among the actors seen auditioning for Vic’s role are Richard Herd, John Phillip Law, Peter Mark Richman, and Robert F. Lyons. In only a half hour the movie brilliantly captures what a horrible place Hollywood could be for hardworking actors with long careers who never found fame but keep struggling to get work.

Click here to see the entire film broken into four parts.



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