Frank Sinatra’s 1967 detective yarn Tony Rome where he played the carousing private eye who tangles with gold digger Jill St. John, unhappy heiress Sue Lyon, and tough talking Lesbian stripper Deanna Lund while hired by Lyon’s father to find stolen jewelry down Miami way was such a hit that 20th Century-Fox requested a sequel.

The result was Lady in Cement (1968) and Sinatra was back as Tony Rome investigating the murder of a blonde he found dead underwater while scuba diving. Cost cutting allowed Sinatra only one starlet this time but when it is wild-haired, busty Raquel Welch no other starlets need apply. This was a very odd pairing as you can see from the trailer below. I do love me some Raquel and she makes for a much more interesting love interest than Jill St. John so definitely worth viewing.



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