Sadly, one of my favorite porn stars died this week, Jack Wrangler. During the early 80s my family bought the delux cable TV package that incuded HBO, Cinemax, and the Playboy Channel. I would get my cheap thrills watching straight porn movies on Playboy that had all the hardcore scenes edited out. Immediately rugged, handsome Jack Wrangler with his lean hard body became my fave. He could really act, which I found quite surprising, and was just so damn sexy. I’d tape all his movies (The Filthy Rich and Jack and Jill standout) hoping a shot of him fully erect would sneak by the Playboy censors. Alas it rarely happened.

Believe it or not, to this day, I have never seen any of Jack’s gay porn movies or uncensored straight ones (though I read his autobiography and recently watched the documentary about him). I think this says a lot about the man’s talents for a porn actor to have a big fan who never saw him fully in the sex act. Click here to read more and see an undraped Jack Wrangler in all his glory. Damn, I got to get me some of his movies!!!



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