Click here to access that fantastic web site Starlet Showcase to see wonderful photos of sex kitten Michele Carey. She is profiled in my book Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood and below is an excerpt on her career during the 60s:

Michele Carey arrived in Hollywood in 1964 with her young son in tow and quickly snagged decorative minor roles on TV as an U.N.C.L.E. agent in “The Double Affair” on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the sexy girlfriend of James Callahan in a few episodes of the George Burns/Connie Stevens sitcom Wendy and Me. Her first movie role was a minor part as a kimono-clad beauty a jealous Annette Funicello finds with Dwayne Hickman at his bachelor pad and then chases away in How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965).

Howard Hawks, who previously rejected Carey for a role in his race car drama Red Line 7000, handed her a leading role in his entertaining western El Dorado (1967), a remake of his own Rio Bravo. With her wild mane of uncombed sun-streaked hair and husky voice, Carey was perfectly cast as the rebellious Joey a young woman who wears buckskin pants, rides a horse bareback, and carries a rifle. During the course of the movie she shoots hired gun John Wayne mistakenly thinking he killed her brother and tussles with him (the Duke trips her and then smears her shirt with blood from his gunshot wound) and his young sidekick, James Caan.

Fans got to see Carey’s gorgeous set of gams in The Sweet Ride (1968) about aimless young people ensconced in the Southern California beach culture. Michele played Thumper Stevens an adult film star longing to get pregnant by her beatnik boyfriend Bob Denver who shares a Malibu beach house with surfer Michael Sarrazin and tennis hustler Tony Franciosa. She more than held her own in both senses of the word opposite the film’s female lead Jacqueline Bisset.

It was back to Malibu for Carey in her next movie Live a Little, Love a Little (1968) opposite Elvis Presley in one of his hippest films of the Sixties despite sleeping with the hot brunette with a bed board between them. Carey was cast as a mini-skirted free spirit who keeps changing her name and can’t decide between playboy photographer Elvis whom she slips a pill causing him to have a psychedelic freak out scene and her staid boyfriend Dick Sargent. Guess who wins out?

In Changes (1969), a coming-of-age flick, Carey is simply charming as a swinging carnival chick who beds college student Kent Lane and wants to settle down with him but the aimless youth abandons her. Keeping her face familiar to TV audiences, Carey turned up playing a dancer and murder suspect in “The Ring of Anasis” on T.H.E. Cat, a bad girl who meets a golden end as she tries to steal a stone that can turn minerals into gold in “The Night of the Feathered Fury” on The Wild Wild West, and an IMF agent in “The Brothers” on Mission: Impossible.


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  • william

    I just finished watching her in the western movie entitled “Five Savage Men” variously known as “The Animals” and/or “The Desperados.” A some what two-dimensional offering, this movie had the added baggage of a social message of the times about Native American rights. I think it would have rated R as it is both violent and displays nudity. Carey plays a very sweet and wholesome school teacher on her way to a new school in Arizona. She and other passengers are forced to ride a stage coach with a marshal and his prisoner, a psychotic killer played to the hilt by Keenan Wynn
    The stage is ambushed by Wynn’s gang who directed by Wynn kills everyone but Carey. She is taken hostage stripped naked and staked out then brutally gang-rapped by Wynn and the other members of his gang. She is left to die as the gang splits up. There was little left to the imagination as Carey is displayed in full nudity numerous times.
    Coming upon this scene is Apache chief Chato, (Stoically played by Henry Silva). He finds Carey still staked out and in shock. Chato nurses her back to life, teaches her to survive, to shoot a Winchester, and to ride horse-back, and then makes her a buckskin shirt and moccasin boots as she is still dressed only in a blanket. Carey is in shock and confused from her ordeal she grows to become a friend and lover to her benefactor Chato.
    Carey makes Chato understand that she must find the men who rapped her and kill them. Together they set out, unknown that there is a posse also tracking the gang and hoping to find the girl.
    Eventually they kill all of the gang. Satisfied Carey and Chato set out to a new life together, until they meet the posse who guns down Chato after assuming he is guilty of savaging Charey.

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