I was in the bookstore this weekend and browsed through a number of new memoirs including those of Robert Wagner, Roger Moore, Diahann Carroll, and the one that most interested me, Robert Vaughn. He writes a lot about his hit TV spy show The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and mentions a few big name guest stars but he totally ignores all the nubile starlets that worked with him. Not surprising based on what a number of them said to me about him in my book Film Fatales (not all bad though):

“Vaughn was professional but he wasn’t much fun. He wouldn’t hang out where as David McCallum would.” – Sharyn Hillyer

“I respected him very much as an actor but he was rather pompous and a bit full of himself” – Kathy Kersh

“As for acting with him, he is not unpleasant to work with, just aloof.” – BarBara Luna

“So we do this scene and Vaughn just jams his tongue down my throat. Of course the actress in me just kept on acting but I was not responsive. I was trying to keep my mouth shut. I was so stunned and I decided that I was just not going to say anything.” – Marlyn Mason

“He has the same atmosphere about himself as Napoleon Solo in the show—a very tongue-in-cheek polish and too, too suave!” – Sue Ane Langdon

“Robert Vaughn was wonderful to work with. He is a very elegant and intelligent man.” – Celeste Yarnall


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    I was sorta let down by Vaughn’s book. He had been interviewed several years ago on howard stern’s show and mentioned some sexcapades that he had that would be in the book. He basically did a tease for a book that wouldnt come out for over a decade…and then the sleazy bits were not inside.

    I met Vaughn once and I was unimpressed. He was at an autograph show and didn’t want to be there and he had just arrived. He acted so inconvenienced to take my money and then he signed the photo right on his forehead!!!! No wonder I prefer Illya to Napoleon.

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