To be fair to Faye Dunaway and Diane Baker, every starlet has her moments while giving interviews. Tuesday Weld was forever publicly blaming her poor choices in her personal life and her wild behavior on her mother.

During an interview with columnist Earl Wilson, Carol Lynley called her Poseidon Adventure co-star Red Buttons the c-word and threatened to punch Shelley Winters in the nose for forgetting her name on a TV talk show.

Sue Lyon who became famous due to playing Lolita years later ranted and railed to any reporter that would listen that the movie and Hollywood ruined her life

And Yvette Mimieux in an interview with the Saturday Evening Post refused to talk about her male co-stars because she found most of them to be “egotistical, conceited and have no minds.” She then went on to add, “I like stories about me, just me.” Hmmmmm.



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