High on my DVD wish list (or for that matter to be aired in wide screen on the Fox Movie Channel) is The Pleasure Seekers a 1964 remake of Three Coins in te Fountain about a gaggle of starlets looking for fun and romance in Rome. The Pleasure Seekers switched the locale to Madrid but the plot is essentially the same only for me the film so much more fun with two of my favorite starlets in the lead roles–Carol Lynley in her pouty sex kitten period as a secretary pining for her married boss and Pamela Tiffin at her sultry best playing the newly arrived naive tourist who remarks, “I know everything about Spain but Spanish.” Oh and the third chick is some redhead named Ann-Margret. Lushly photographed with an Oscar-nominated musical score, it should be a must for fans of Sixties starlets. Take a look at the film’s opening ten minutes.



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