Drive-in Dream Girl Gail Gerber returns to the big screen after almost a 35 year absence playing a wheel-chair bound crazy old woman in Lucky Days. It was written by Angelica Torn (daughter of Rip Torn and Geraldine Page) who stars as a depressed woman seeking freedom from an abusive boyfriend and family during the last days of Coney Island as we know it before the developers get their hands on it. Co-starring are Luke Zarzecki, Will Patton, Rip Torn, and Anne Jackson. Click here to see the trailer.

Fantasy Femme Lana Wood as been busy lately making movies and now guest stars in a TV pilot called Divas of Novella. She plays “Zeld” in this proposed sci-fi series about 4 women convicts from an intergalatic prison colony who have to unite to stop a long dormant male society from rising to take domination over their star system. Click here for the official web site.



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