For my final, for awhile anyway, Bunny Lake Is Missing post, I thought I’d give the lovely Carol Lynley the last word on the film. Below are her comments she gave to me for Filmfax magazine about working with Laurence Oliver:

“Working with Olivier was like getting handed a box of chocolates. He was wonderful. Most people have the impression that he was a stiff British actor, but he was the complete opposite. He was a jokester and a punster. He insisted we call him Larry. I grew up watching his movies so I was in complete awe of him. After I blew the first couple of takes with him, Otto pulled me aside and said he was going to fire me. I asked why and he said ‘Because you can’t act.’ I told him I was awed working with Olivier. He then looked at his watch and said in his Austrian accent, ‘Ve break for lunch now. I give you an hour to get over this.’ I did and then we came back and shot the scene. It came out great. I also learned a lot about acting from watching Olivier.”



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