Got my tickets already to see Jill Haworth along with co-star Patricia Neal introduce Otto Preminger’s WWII epic In Harm’s Way also starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Brandon DeWilde, Tom Tryon and Paula Prentiss at the Film Forum this Tuesday Jan 8th in New York City. Jill was one of my favorite interviews for Fantasty Femmes because she was just so saucy and so incredibly nice. Below are her candid comments about the Duke where she was literally put in harm’s way:

“John Wayne was the meanest, nastiest man with the worst attitude I ever worked with. In the scene [where her character meets Wayne’s and Douglas’s on a cruiser]Wayne had to walk up to Kirk Douglas and myself and hit his mark. I had to just stand there because it was a dolly shot. Wayne kept over-stepping the mark causing his shadow to come down on me. I was like stone and didn’t move a muscle. And that son of a bitch kept blaming me! This was my last shot of the film and I wasn’t going to end this picture with Mr. Preminger yelling at me for something that wasn’t my fault. Mr. Preminger never said a word to Wayne. Thankfully Kirk Douglas spoke up and said, ‘I think John is off his mark.’ It took another fifteen takes before Wayne got it right.”



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