That Man from U.N.C.L.E.

With the recent release of the entire four seasons of The Man from UNCLE on DVD in one gigantic box set, Robert Vaughn has been making the interview rounds. In the couple of articles I have read, he gushes over his co-stars David McCallum and Leo G. Carroll and some of the big name stars who made guest appaerances. Click here to read one such interview. However, he never mentions any of the nubile starlets he worked with. Funny, because the ones I interviewed had lots of varied things to say about him:

“He was a good actor but wasn’t nice to me. He was very cold and distant.” Chris Noel, Fantasy Femmes

“He was friendly enough but kept to himself…and wasn’t much fun.” Sharyn Hillyer, Film Fatales

“I respected him very much as an actor but he was rather pompous and full of himself.” Kathy Kersh, Film Fatales

“He had…a very tongue-in-cheek polish and too, too suave.” Sue Ane Langdon, Film Fatales

“He is not unpleasant to work with, just aloof.” Barbara Luna, Film Fatales



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