Though she wasn’t a ’60s starlet, I must pay tribute to comedienne Brett Somers who passed away this week. As a kid during the Seventies, she was such a part of my TV viewing. First as Oscar’s wisecracking, alimony-grabbing ex-wife Blanche on The Odd Couple and then as a regular on my favorite game show Match Game. Every day after school, I’d be glued to the TV at 3:30pm to see Brett exchange playful barbs with Charles Nelson Reilly, host Gene Rayburn, or the rest of the panel (usually consisting of Richard Dawson, Fannie Flagg, Patti Deutsche, Jo Ann Pflug, Bert Convy, Marcia Wallace, Ann Elder, etc.). Brett was caustic, witty, gruff, and always seemed to be enjoying herself. The chemistry she had with the flamboyant Reilly was brilliant. When the show ended, Brett slowly disappeared from TV. Strangely, she passed only a few months after Reilly. Their pairing has to go down in TV history as one of the best ever on a game show or any other TV program. We’ll miss you Brett!



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