I am pissed off to no end that my publisher backed out of the upcoming Chiller Theatre convention to take place on Oct. 5-7. I received an email from them saying it wasn’t worth the expense as the state of New Jersey has levied higher taxes on outside vendors and made it more difficult for them to sell merchandise at conventions. Though the guest list for Chiller sucks I was looking forward to going and selling some books.

It is real tough these days for authors to promote their books…even more so for authors like me who have a small niche audience. Barnes & Noble could care less of having me do a reading from any of my works. You really have to have the drive and determination (and balls) to knock on every book store’s door but that is a quality I lack. The few signings I do are with the publisher as they pick up all the convention costs while I have to pay my travel and accommodations. I wind up losing money but it is nice once in awhile to meet in person fans of your work who appreciate your writing and actually read the books. And from writing this Blog I have been contacted by many nice people including one of my fave 80s hunks, Gregory Harrison!



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