Irwin Allen

Before he became known as the “Master of Disaster,” producer Irwin Allen was known for his ’60s TV sci-fi series. I am very excited that I was able to purchase the two season boxed set of his last series Land of the Giants (marked down from $200 to $100 on Amazon for one day only) that comes with a host of extras including a cool case, bubblegum cards, comic books, etc.

In conjunction with that I wish to give kudos to author Jon Abbott for his fabulous book Irwin Allen Television Productions, 1964-1970. This meticulously produced publication chronicles Allen’s 4 popular series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants. Each chapter includes a richly detailed production history, a complete episode guide with synopsis, guest stars, and comments from actors or crew members. Though more of a critical study, it is easy and enjoyable to read and features a fair number of photographs. Highly recommended. Click here to purchase a copy.

I always preferred Allen’s series, especially Land of the Giants (my favorite show as a youngun) and the wacky mod 3rd season of Lost in Space (I am a sucker for a starlet in a mini-dress and none looked finer than Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson), over Star Trek. And Abbott’s book makes a great companion piece to the recent DVD releases of all 4 TV shows.



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