In September 1968, with much fanfare, Carol Lynley headlined the debut of the spooky (albeit short-lived) anthology series Journey to the Unknown, produced by Hammer Films, on ABC. She played “Eve” a department store mannequin who comes alive in swinging London and leads unassuming boutique assistant Dennis Waterman into danger when she is marked for destruction and he tries to save her. Check out this tribute promo on YouTube. (Ignore Karen Carpenter singing the grating song “Eve” and enjoy the clips from the TV show.)

Trivia note: Carol Lynley, living in London, had her beautiful blonde locks sheared off into the very short fashionable Vidal Sassoon cut (think Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby). It is one of her few appearances at this time where Carol was required to wear a “fall” keeping her hair long.



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