Some rare airings of ’60s starlets movies are upcoming this week on our favorite channel Turner Movie Classics. On 7/15 @ 6pm Shelley Fabares, Suzie Kaye, Angelique Pettyjohn, and Arlene Charles play vacationing gold diggers out to snare themselves a rich husband down Miami Beach way in Clambake (1967) starring Elvis Presley as a rich boy masquerading as a poor water ski instructor. Though not considered a high point in the King’s career, it is one of my 5 top Elvis movies–breezy fun with a great theme song sung by Elvis of course which rates 5 stars on my iPod. Fave scene: playboy Bill Bixby tossing olives into Arlene Charles’ cleavage. Huh? It’s that type of movie.

On 7/15 @ 10pm comes from the folks who gave the world Guns of Navarone the so-bad-it’s-entertaining misfire of a western MacKenna’s Gold (1969). Gregory Peck leads a disparate group of desperate desperados including Telly Savalas, Camilla Sparv, Omar Sharif and the film’s saving grace Julie Newmar as a mean mute Indian warrior to find the lost river of gold somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Finally on 7/18 @12pm one of our fave starlets Barbara Luna has a rare leading role in the charming children’s movie filmed in Mexico Dime with a Halo (1963).



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