To Deanna Lund (pictured yesterday with Gary Conway and today still gorgeous). My favorite actress as a kid during the late Sixties was Deanna Lund. I just loved her on Land of the Giants where I thought she was the coolest chick ever with her mod mini-skirt outfits always standing up to the guys. She was feisty, adventurous, greedy, selfish, funny all the qualties needed to create an interesting character especially on a sci-fi TV show where the special effects usually over shadowed the actors.

I tried to watch Deanna Lund wherever she appeared. She was a regular (and co-producer) on the game show Stump the Stars where two teams of celebrities would play charades and I remember watchng her on The Hollywood Squares, The Art Linkletter Show, and Love, American Style. I always felt, and still do, that Deanna should have had a much bigger career in the Seventies and I lost tracked of her once Carol Lynley via The Poseidon Adventure entered my life. But I was right at the movie theater when I read that Deanna was cast as Jerry Lewis’ love interest in the comedy Hardly Working in 1981. I never met Deanna Lund in person but interviewed her by phone for my book Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema. And she still remains one of my favorite actresses of all-time.



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