After Land of the Giants, my favorite show as a kid was Here Come the Brides. Strapping Robert Brown, sullen David Soul, and cute Bobby Sherman played the Bolton brothers ca. late 1800s who brought a number of single females to their logging town in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the men to marry. One of those blushing brides-to-be was auburn-haired Bridget Hanley as Candy whom I adored. She was paired with Bobby Sherman and for a seven year old at the time made for the most romantic couple. Check out this tribute clip to the show on YouTube.

For some oddball reason, Bridget never appeared in movies at the time but she made guest appearances on all the top sitcoms and was a fixture on another fave of mine, Love, American Style appearing 5 times. Besides being a first-rate actress, Bridget had the best Sixties hairstyles of any starlet of the day. Today, she still acts, mainly on stage, and my friend Shaun is good buddies with her…lucky fellow!



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