Crank up the DV-R players as Turner Classic Movies is re-running on 5/24 at 1:30PM one of the best “3 Girls Looking for Romance Films” MGM’s Come Fly with Me (1963). In this charming piece of Sixties fluff, Dolores Hart, Lois Nettleton, and my fave Pamela Tiffin are airline hostesses working the NY Idlewild to Europe route out to snare themselves a man. Hart is a chain smoking gold digger duped by a con man, Tiffin the naive newbie who succumbs to the charms of playboy pilot Hugh O’Brian (pictured, woof!), and Nettleton is the level-headed one who stumbles into love with older tycoon Karl Malden. Beautifully filmed on location, this is one trip well worth taking for fans of Sixties Starlets.

Incidentally, this was Hart’s last movie before she quit Hollywood to become a cloistered nun. Per Pamela Tiffin, Dolores confided in her that she wanted to become a nun on the set and Pamela told me that she exclaimed, “‘Oh Dolores you don’t want to!’ Back then I didn’t understand her decision. Now I do.”



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