My prayers have been answered! On July 24, Fox will be releasing the entire two seasons of the Irwin Allen sci-fi series Land of the Giants, my favorite show as a kid, in a deluxe package including cast interviews, booklets, and trading cards. I always liked this show more than Lost in Space because even though I was only seven when I first started to watch I liked that it was more adult and less of a “kiddie show” than Space. Plus it had fiery redhead Deanna Lund in the coolest miniskirts and minidresses (she’s featured of course in my upcoming book Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood), and muscular Gary Conway as the pilot of the ill-fated Spindrift, which crash landed on a planet where everything is ten times the size of our small group of intergalatic castaways.

For more information about the DVD set, check out this link.



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