I was stunned and left speechless when I read yesterday that Anna Nicole Smith collapsed and died. I’ll admit it–I was a huge fan of hers and watched her reality show religiously. To me she was a modern version of ’60s publicity hounds Raquel Welch, Jayne Mansfield, and Edy Williams all rolled into one. Big, busty broads with minimal talent whose fame came from their outrageous antics and how well they photographed with their pictures splashed across magazines and newspapers.

When slim and trim (spa), Anna was the most gorgeous woman on this planet. She played the dumb blonde roll to the hilt but she was no dumb belle and this smart cookie made it to the Supreme Court–and won proving the joke was on us! I’ll miss reading about you Anna Nicole Smith. Now who is going to take care of her toothless hillbilly cousin!?!



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