The biggest jerk in all of show business today has to be Isiah Washington of Grey’s Anatomy. Not only did he call co-star T.R. Knight a “faggot” a few months ago he says the word again and lies that he never said called T.R. that on the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday. What makes me mad about this is that though ABC has issued strong statements condemning him, the producers of the show seem to be shrugging it off. See what would have happened if it was reversed and Knight called Washington the N-word and then repeated it on national televison!

I had dinner with T.R. Knight a few months before Grey’s Anantomy premiered as I am friends with his ex-agent. The guy is a sweet gentle soul and doesn’t need to be in the spotlight like this. His appearance on The Ellen DeGeneras Show refutting Washington’s statement proved how sincere he is. I also want to praise Katherine Hiegl (Izzy) who had the guts to stick up for T.R. and went on record against Washington and said that the man should not be allowed to speak in public. LOL Oh, so true.



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