Though he is not a 60s starlet, had to report on my former childhood friend George nicknamed “Moe” for some reason who is on Spike TV’s rev ’em up, smash ’em up reality series Carpocalypse. This show is a southern fried hoot as it tries to be a modern day Civil War pitting two teams of 5 drivers representing the North and the South against each other. Each week the creators come up with new ways for them to build vehicles (i.e. cars, trucks, buses, campers, etc.) only to wreck them on the race track in a wild demolition derby. After 20 races, the winning team splits $50,000.

To me the funniest part of the show is that George who is from Lawn Giland and has the thick accent to prove it is on the South’s team since he moved to Florida about 20 years ago with his nice-as-could-be wife Terry and four sons. He soooo stands out amongst his hillbilly team mates. George was a rebel growing up. He was the first to get a fake ID, buy beer, smoke pot, etc. So it is really nice to see him as the most responsible and sensible of his team mates. I was quite impressed. He also almost looks the same as he did in his twenties right down to the same haircut and mustache. You go Moe!



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