One of my favorite 60s TV shows as a kid was Here Come the Brides, whose 1st season will be released on DVD next week. Set in a logging camp in the late 1800s, it starred (pictured left to right) David Soul, Robert Brown and Bobby Sherman as the Bolt brothers who bring 100 young women back to untamed Seattle to marry the single men in town. The potential brides have to remain in Seattle for at least a year. If they don’t, the Bolt’s could lose their family business. Mark Lenard was the villainous rival business owner, Joan Blondell the brash saloon owner, Henry Beckham the drunken sea captain, Susan Tolsky a nerdy bride, and 60s starlet Bridget Hanley (pictured seated at right) with the best hair styles of the decade as Candy the potential love interest for Bobby Sherman.

I used to beg my parents to let me stay up to watch this. One time I even made a deal with our baby sitter that I wouldn’t rat out that her friends came to hang out if she’d let me stay up so I could watch. (But the next day when my parents smelled smoke in the house I accidentally did. Donna Ruggiero if you happen to read this–sorry) At the time I just loved the interplay between Bobby and Bridget. But looking back I think it was seeing that hot Bobby Sherman stuffed into his tight pants that got my blood a-pumping. The cutest butt you’ve ever seen in Seattle…



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