About two Saturday’s ago, a 20 year old NYU student named Broderick
John Hehman was killed when fleeing from a pack of young thugs who
allegedly assaulted and tried to rob him. Being a New Yorker you become jaded from these senseless deaths but this one has haunted me to this day.

Mr. Hehman (who loved NYC and wrote his musings about it on a web site called had just emerged from the subway at 125th St. and was walking to his friend’s place when allegedly a group of 5 punks jumped him and tried to steal his cell phone. He broke free and while trying to circle back to the subway station (probably to get help) was surrounded by the group. He darted into the street to escape and was hit by a car. He died a few days later. I felt so badly reading this because it hits so close to home. A few times during my 15 years living in NYC I found myself crossing streets, changing subway cars, making detours to escape rowdy kids due to their dress or looks or skin color. Afterwards I felt guilty and silly about it and want to think they were just out for fun, which I am sure most were. Unfortunately for Mr. Hehman he ran into a pack who were out to do harm.

The amazing thing about this case are all the teachers and friends who have written to the judge praising the alleged culprits as “good kids.” I do not know what these people have been smoking but in my book “good kids” don’t jump innocent people, pummel them, and try to steal their cellphone. There is only one good kid in this mess and his name was Broderick John Hehman. I hope the judge does not forget that



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