Though I was a kid at the time, I was against the Vietnam War along with most people and cheered on the protestors. But Jane Fonda took it to the extreme and was an ass for visiting North Vietnam. I always thought it was just a publicity stunt to make audiences accept her as a “serious actress” rather than Barbarella. It was a relief when Jane married Ted Turner and retired in the 90s.

Unfortunately, she’s back! Ugh! All week long as I look up from the treadmill at the gym there is Jane Fonda being interviewed on TV. Though she looks great (kudos to her plastic surgeon?) we have no interest in what she is hawking or opining about. I am officially declaring Fonda a 60s gal I-love-to-hate. She now joins the ranks of Diane Baker, Jill St. John, and Stefanie Powers in the Sixties Starlet Hall of Shame.



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