Fox is preparing a special edition DVD package of the spy spoofs Our Man Flint (1966) and In Like Flint (1967). The producer contacted me because they want to include commentary from as many actors who appeared in the films. I led him to In Like Flint’s sexy femme fatales Jean Hale, Thordis Brandt, and Inga Neilsen.

Above is a great still from the movie. Picture (left to right) are Mary Michael, Jacki Ray, Diane Bond, Inga Neilsen, James Coburn, Ginny Gan, and Jean Hale.

Jacki Ray soon became Mrs. Tom Selleck and will be profiled in my new book along with Inga and Thordis. You can read more about Diane Bond in my Drive-in Dream Girls Book and Jean Hale was interviewed by me for Fantasy Femmes of 60s Cinema .



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