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Fox is finally showing The Poseidon Adventure some respect and releasing a special edition DVD on May 9th. The movie is in stereo now and features a second disc chock full of extras including commentary from director Ronald Neame, Carol “I can’t swim” Lynley, Stella “Panties, what else do I need” Stevens, and Pamela Sue Martin.

Going back a number of years, I remember vividly after months of begging, my parents finally took me and my brother to see The Poseidon Adventure around my birthday on May 11 in 1973 at the Westbury Drive-in. The movie floored me and changed my life in terms of movie watching and began my adoration of Carol Lynley (above), which led me to a slew of other 60s starlets. This time I plan on buying the DVD the first day it goes on sale and seeing the new movie the day it opens on May 12. I am as excited today as I was then!



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