The other DVD double-feature released by Midnite Movies this month is the camp exploitation classic The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968) paired with the biker flick Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) starring tough guy William Smith and Peter Brown of Ride the Wild Surf.

Described as “hog straddling female animals on the prowl,” The Mini-Skirts included Fantasy Femme Diane McBain as their vicious leader, Bad Seed Patty McCormack and Sandra Marshall with Jeremy Slate, Harry Dean Stanton, and Ronnie Rondell as their boyfriends.

Spurned by her former lover Ross Hagen, McBain seeks revenge against him and his new bride played by Sherry Jackson star of the beach movie Wild on the Beach. McBain enlists her fellow cyclists to make life hell for the newlyweds. Their idyllic honeymoon is turned into a wild, beer-swilling melee after The Mini-Skirts crash it. The brawl ends with a wild motorcycle chase with one of the gang memebers swerving off a cliff. Later the gang causes the death of Patty McCormack who, tiring of McBain’s sadistic ruthlessness tries to help the newlyweds escape. The film climaxes with McBain and Slate catching up with the fleeing couple. You’ll have to buy the DVD to watch the controversial ending for that time. But just to see McBain and the other actresses trying to act tough wearing mini-skirts is worth the price of the DVD alone. Real biker chicks didn’t wear skirts! What was the producer thinking!?!

“What attracted me to do this film was the role of Shayne,” says Diane McBain in Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema. “I thought it would be fun to play such a sadistic killer because women don’t usually get to play these sort of roles. After I agreed to do this movie I went out and learned how to ride a motorcycle. A big motorcycle. When I arrived on the set they gave us these tiny scooters. It was the silliest bike you ever saw. I thought it was ridiculous to have this Mini-Skirt Mob on these small bikes. I knew then I was in trouble!”



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