Well, I just got back from the Memphis Film Festival and it was extremely disappointing book sale-wise! Bond Girl Lana Wood wasn’t kidding when she cracked that when she walked into the convention area she brought the avergage age down to 60. This convention was the walk of the living dead! I haven’t seen so many canes, walkers and wheel chairs in one place since Sophia Petrillo escaped from Shady Pines on The Golden Girls.

The organizers made a huge mistake by moving the festival from Memphis to Bum Fuck, I mean Olive Branch, Mississippi, home of every fast food joint you can think of. Hard core old-time film buffs and autograph seekers showed up for the weekend but tourists and day trippers were few and far between. The festival also erred by not courting the Elvis fans by having actresses from his films as guests. Instead we had B-western starlets of the 40s and 50s most of whom I never heard of!

The one saving grace was that I got to hang out with the guys from McFarland and Company–talented designer Mark Durr, who’ve I done Chiller Theatre Conventions with, and McFarland marketing newcomer, Adam Phillips. Both guys are extremely nice and friendly. Adam made me laugh the whole time otherwise I would have been crying in my stacks of unsold books. He’s also a huge Elvis fan (he’s been to Graceland 6 times!) and using his own words “was jacked” to hang out with a fellow admirer (me) of the King. Thanks again guys for that wonderful dinner at Buckley’s in Memphis!

I’ll be posting PICs in the days to come.



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