Hey folks. I’m back from my extended hiatus. Needed a break from writing but I am refreshed and ready to go again. For anyone in the Memphis area, I will be signing copies of my book at the Memphis Film Festival on June 17 and 18. Stop by the McFarland table and say hi. 60s B-movie celebrities in attendance will be Fantasy Femme Lana Wood from The Girls on the Beach and Diamonds Are Forever; tough guy William Smith of biker films Angels Die Hard and C.C. and Company; hunky Ty Hardin of TV’s Bronco and Palm Springs Weekend; and Denny “Tarzan” Miller.

Brian Walker does a great job with his web site Brian’s Drive-in Theater. Check it out for his great new page on Hollywood Surf and Beach Movies cover boy Aron Kincaid. There are some really unique photos on it directly from Aron’s personal collection.

Finally, those Daytime Emmy awards pissed me off once again with their laughable choices. This is why the Daytime Emmy’s get no respect and do nothing for a actor’s career. Anyone remember past Emmy winners such as Monti Sharp, Kevin Mambo and Melissa Hayden? I think not. To give Best Supporting Actress to some giggling twit from General Hospital over Ilene Kristen as Roxy on One Life to Live was jaw dropping insulting. But I guess that has been the fun of the Daytime Emmy’s for years laughing at their moronic choices. The fact that General Hospital a 4th rate Soparanos wanna-be wins Best Show and Guiding Light wasn’t even nominated proves the point.

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