Yesterday, I recommended The Pleasure Seekers as being one of Pamela Tiffin‘s best films of the 60s. Check out a great tribute with lots of photos to this movie on Marquise’s Corner at

Behind-the-scenes, it was no pleasure for Pamela making this movie. She actually seeked a way out of it but was contractually obliged to do it. Ann-Margret and Carol Lynley were aloof towards her (Shame on you Carol! I luv ya but you should have been nicer to our Pamela), Tony Franciosa (Pamela‘s love interest) acted like a maniac even threatening to punch out the director (70-year-old Jean Negulesco), Gardner McKay wouldn’t speak with anyone, and that Latin hottie Andre Lawrence made it known to all that he would do ANYTHING or ANYONE to further his ambitions to become a star. Only Brian Keith was a pleasure to work with, per Pamela.

When filming finally wrapped to Pamela’s pleasure, a billing war erupted among the seekers. Despite her husband’s prodding to fight back, Pamela refused to stoop that low as the egos took over and the stars battled it out through their agents. The outcome? Pamela received 5th billing behind Ann-Margret, Tony Franciosa, Carol Lynley and Gardner McKay! Well folks that was 60s Hollywood in a starlet-eat-starlet world.



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