Greetings from the Big Easy! I’m away on vacation in New Orleans but sixties starlet questions are coming in and must be addressed!

First to Marquise, yes Pamela Tiffin is still a blonde and as expected is still a beautiful, elegant woman albeit a bit on the heavy side. But living with an Italian husband since 1974 it is no surprise that she put on a few pounds. She resides in a fabulous townhouse in New York City. The last time I saw her was soon after Princess Diana was killed. Pamela shared with me a story of one of her run-ins with the rude, persistent paparazzi during her heyday in Italy. A secret renedevous with her lover in a out-of-the-way cafe was spoiled by the invasion of the paparazzi screaming “Pamela! Pamela!” as the flash bulbs kept popping.

Another poster asked about Laurel Goodwin who co-starred with Elvis in Girls! Girls! Girls! and was in the original pilot for Star Trek. The outspoken Laurel is featured in my book Drive-in Dream Girls where she gives a funny, no-holds barred interview trashing everyone from Stella Stevens to Jackie Gleason to Majel Barrett, the wife of Gene Roddenberry. She also offers an honest reflection of why she thinks she did not get further in her career, her sisterly love for Elvis and her disappointment with her firing from Star Trek.



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