Received an inquiry about Pamela Tiffin. Poster agreed with a previous blog where I voiced my opinion that I always found Stefanie Powers to be bland and one-note and not worthy of the “fame” that she achieved over some more worthy 60s starlets like Carol Lynley, Anjanette Comer and Pamela Tiffin.

As for the question regarding Pamela, you can read a lengthy interview with her in my first book Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema, but in a nutshell Pamela refused to dye her hair blonde despite pressure from Hollywood. However, when producer Carlo Ponti came a-calling with an offer to be the first American leading lady to star opposite Marcello Mastroianni, Pamela yelled “Si” even though there was a stipulation that she had to dye her hair. The film was called Oggi, domani, dopodomani (1966) but released in the US in 1968 as Kiss the Other Sheik. Pamela was so enthused with the attention she received and unhappy with her marriage to Esquire publisher Clay Felker who encouraged his wife to work much to her distress that she decided blondes really do have more fun and kept her hair that way. Returning to the states, she took a role on Broadway in the Jean Harlow part in the revival of Dinner at Eight and when the show closed so did her marriage. Pamela packed her bags and moved to Roma to act in films that were beneath her.



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