A few blogs ago I mentioned Anjanette Comer being one of my faves. During the 60s Comer starred in The Loved One, The Appaloosa with Marlon Brando, and Rabbit, Run with James Caan. The 70’s saw her movie career trail off but she starred in a number of TV-movies including one of my faves Death Stalk. An exciting rip-off of Deliverance, escaped cons kidnap the two wives of businessmen on a river rafting trip. Anjanette played the “good” wife married to Vince “Ben Casey” Edwards who falls for her captor, Vic Morrow, while Carol Lynley was the adulterous party girl trophy wife who fights them off to return to her older husband.

Well, I just learned that Comer is co-starring in a Robert Altman-esque comedy called Screen Door Jesus yet to be released. Set in a small town in Texas where the towns folk are super religious, the film’s plot revolves around the sighting of the image of Jesus on a screen door of one of the town’s residents and how it affects the lives and spirit of the town and its inhabitants. Comer plays Vernalynn (she thinks TV is a sin), the only white member of a Pentecostal church, whose grandkids are left with her while her son goes off on his “4th or 5th” honeymoon. She vows to give the boys that ole time religion despite their disinterest. For more information visit the web site: www.screendoorjesusthemovie.com.

This week’s featured 60s beach boy is Frankie Avalon or should I say Frankie Avalon’s cute butt. This is from Muscle Beach Party where Frankie was at his sexiest stuffed into tight square-cut trunks to compete with the Speedo-clad muscle boys. (For you girl watchers that’s Annette Funicello kneeling, Luree Holmes on far right, and Valora Noland second from right).



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