January 12, 2005

Continuing my diatribe started last Blog on overrated sixties starlets, I would like to know how in hell did Stefanie Powers ever achieve so much fame? The woman gives the same exact one-note performance in every film and TV show she appears in. They always say in Hollywood you need a combination of talent and luck and in Powers’ case the luck part is oh so true. She never appeared in one memorable film (excluding of course my childhood fave, The Boatniks) and her idea of emoting is flipping her wild mane of hair. Give me Pamela Tiffin or Anjanette Comer any day!

Another starlet from hell is Connie Stevens. I can give you Sixteen Reasons why but let’s just say foremost that it is because she always gave icky sweet performances in such films as Parrish and Susan Slade. I always found her to be annoying and irksome with that whispery baby doll voice. It has always galled me that every time they produce a nostalgic piece on the sixties they roll out Stevens to appear. Memo to Hollywood: Stevens is not the only actress in town that can invoke memories from that swinging decade.

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